For anyone wanting to improve their own health and wellness, I offer regular Five Elements Self-Care Classes and Special Topics Self-Care Classes for the general public. However, I specialize in training massage therapists and body workers who are looking to enhance their existing practice with a complementary modality. CNT is a well-rounded choice for this. By learning how to cultivate your own Chi through specific Chi Kung and meditations, you are able to get in touch with your own innate ability for wellness and refine and cultivate your Chi. You then learn to extend this enhanced Chi to your clients through the specific touch of Chi Nei Tsang. These specific manipulations and techniques address visceral and systemic imbalances to help clients detoxify and restore balance to their bodies. Many massage therapists choose to incorporate CNT into their practice to address the most important area of the body - yet the least addressed area in massage therapy training - the abdomen.

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                     CHI  = energy & information      

                       NEI TSANG  = viscera     


Working with the energy of the internal organs,

or (abdominal) internal organs chi massage

Chi Nei Tsang:  restores balance to your body through your belly!


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On his show "10 Alternative Health Must Haves," Dr. Mehmet Oz describes Chi Nei Tsang as the Alternative Health Must Have that he cannot live without.

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Chi Nei Tsang is offered at the Andrew Weil Integrative Wellness Program at the Miraval Resort in Tucson, AZ, where Dr. Weil describes Chi Nei Tsang as "abdominal massage that combines gentle pressure with the power of your breath to release emotional and physical blockages."



A "wellness touch" modality rooted in ancient Chinese Taoism, Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) addresses the origin of health imbalances in the body through the gentle manipulation of the internal organs for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, well-being, disease prevention and longevity.  It incorporates the principles of Applied Chi Kung into visceral abdominal manipulation thus becoming what I like to refer to as "Abdominal Chi Massage." Chi Nei Tsang works on all levels of our being - physical body as well subtle, energetic bodies - to help us get in touch with the deeper emotional and vibrational discord which eventually manifests in our physical body as specific and non-specific symptoms, ailments, and dis-ease.

"Because a physical imbalance in an organ can cause emotional and psychological disturbances, the healing of that same organ can help to correct the emotional upset.  It is also true that positive work on the psychological component can facilitate healing in the associated organ." - Jean -Pierre Barral, D.O. in Understanding the Messages of Your Body

To find out more, I invite you to watch my YouTube video, "Ask the Expert: What is Chi Nei Tsang?"