Staying Healthy with the Five Elements Self-Care - 2 CE hrs

These classes provide a short introduction to the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine - Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth - and focus on teaching you Chi Nei Tsang self-care techniques, chi kung exercises, and meditations to help support your inner elements.  You will learn valuable tools that will help you remain in tune with each of the seasons/elements and stay healthy all year long.  (Open to the public)  Offered 5 times a year.  Required workbook:  Staying Healthy with the Five Elements Self-Care Workbook by Francesca Fasano.

Breathe Vitality Back into Your Life - 6 CE hrs

Breath is the bridge of communication between all levels of our awareness.  Our breath connects us with ourselves in a deeper way and helps us become more aware of all parts of ourselves.  One of the most concrete physical manifestations of who we are and how we feel is the breath, and one of the best ways to get in touch with ourselves is through the breath.

During this experiential workshop, you will not only learn more about the breath and its importance in our health, but you will also come away with several practical and beneficial Breathing Chi Kung exercises to help expand your breathing as well as your awareness.    

​Overcoming Fatigue: The Secret of the Wind Gates - 2 CE hrs

In this class, you will learn how to restore health and wellness to your body by using the self-care "Tummy Tool" to balance the internal winds that are at the root of most common ailments.