This handmade "Tummy Tool" was specifically designed as a self-care tool to help you open the Wind Gates, the 8 energy centers which surround the navel. Wind accumulates behind the navel due to a pattern of tension, and internal pressure builds up. The Wind Gates can be compared to valves that need to be opened to let off steam. Sick Winds may result from food reactions, allergies, weather extremes, seasonal changes, environmental toxicity, or negative emotions. Trapped winds can sometimes cause hiccups, wandering pain, itching, fevers, joint pain, heaviness, sluggishness, cramps, headaches, gout, arthritis, and even paralysis. As they become trapped, they form knots, tangles, and blockages in the organs, tissues, fasciae, and interstitial spaces. By applying pressure at the Wind Gates around the navel, the winds can be release and passed from the body. With the Tummy Tool, you can easily open your Wind Gates by yourself. The handles at the top allow you to use your body leverage combined with your breathing to sink deeply into your belly, enabling the trapped winds to leave the body through the Wind Gates. 

NEW CD!​         Sunning Meditation CD

​Listen as Francesca guides you through the entire Sunning Meditation to help restore balance to your neuroendocrine system as well as all of your organ systems.  The complete step-by step process will help you feel your glands and organs more easily as you visualize the healing energy of the sun bathing all of your cells.  Excellent to address all hormonal imbalances and to balance out the nervous system stress response.

Arbor Oil - Pure Essential Oil of Eucalyptus 
E-Polybractea is one of the finest Eucalyptus oils available.  E-Polybractea provides 82.1% Cineole Content (the highest available in the world).  The strong anti-viral, antiseptic and expectorant actions work as a cure-all for many ailments.  E-Polybractea ca be used in a variety if ways. Primary uses include muscle aches, arthritis, joint related conditions, and breathing related conditions.
Benefits:​ ​​​Rids fevers and protects against illness ~ Helps relieve muscle aches and pains ~ Fights infections ~   Heals wounds ~ Is antiseptic, antibacterial, and deodorizing ~ Great to use in steam tents as vapor therapy for chest colds
Chi Nei Tsang Self-Care Routine and Easy Breathing Guided Exercise CD 
Francesca teaches you not only how to do a very simple exercise to increase the volume of your breath, but also guides you through the complete Chi Nei Tsang Self-Care Routine. 
Bone Breathing Meditation CD
Francesca guides you through a 20 minute meditation on how to breathe into your bones.  The benefits of Bone Breathing are three-fold: 1) it helps to enrich and fortify the blood;  2) it strengthens the bones and helps to counteract osteoporosis and other bone conditions; 3) it promotes deep relaxation.  
Instructional CD's
​These wonderful and informative CD's are recorded in real time. This allows you to have time in between the instructions to integrate and feel the effects of the meditations and to complete one self-care technique before moving on to the next. 

Universal Healing Tao Chi Kung Basics Workbook
This 28-page spiral-bound workbook is intended to serve as a resource for students in the UHT Chi Kung Basics workshop. While the information and exercises contained in this workbook are intended to expand upon the material presented in the class, anyone can benefit from doing the meditations and Chi Kung exercises, regardless of their experience with Chi Kung. Some of the topics covered are: What is Chi Kung? Why is is important in Chi Nei Tsang? How can it benefit bodyworkers? Earth Chi Kung, Bone Marrow Nei Kung, Healing Buddha Palms, Sunning Meditation, The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, The Six Healing Sounds and Inner Smile Meditation
Five Elements Self-Care Workbook
This 48-page spiral-bound workbook, the companion workbook for my regular Five Elements Self-Care Classes, is organized into a General section, which contains the general Chi Kung exercises taught in each class, followed by five elemental sections.  Each of these sections is further organized as follows :Overview and description of that element; Specific Chi Kung for that element; Specific Meditations for that element; Chi Nei Tsang Self-Care techniques specific to that element; Seasonal/Elemental Self-Care Advice. This workbook will provide you with useful tools that you can add to your self-care toolbox, knowing exactly which tools to pull out and use at any given moment.  Whether or not you attend my Self-Care classes, this workbook is a MUST HAVE for your personal self-care resource library.
Chi Nei Tsang Fundamentals Workbook 
This 67-page spiral-bound workbook, divided into 5 days, covers everything taught in my CNT Fundamentals class, e.g. Day 1 addresses Breath and Breathing, and the importance of the Navel in CNT.  Day 5 finishes off with CNT and techniques to address the Autonomic Nervous System such as Listening to the Spine and Painting the Spine from the Abdomen.  The remainder of the workbook addresses each of the Five Elements and the anatomy and physiology of their organ systems along with photographs and explanations of each technique. CNT Practitioners and Students, this is a MUST HAVE for your professional reference library. ​There are two options to purchase: a) Spiral-bound hard copy of over 60 pages complete with high quality photos of all the techniques taught in the Fundamentals class. Price: US$25.00 pre-ordered print-on-demand only.
​Shipping charges are extra.