By Francesca Fasano, MA, RMT, Certified Wellness Educator and Practitioner 
Reiki helps restore the body to its natural state of balance and well-being. Through a specific sequence of hand positions on the body, Reiki draws upon Universal Life Energy to access and accelerate the body’s innate ability to restore its natural balance. Reiki helps remove energy blockages, and is excellent for relieving stress and tension.  Reiki can also be used in conjunction with other holistic wellness modalities as well as with allopathic courses of treatment.  Reiki is non-intrusive and can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone. 

What sets Reiki apart from other touch therapy modalities is the “Attunement Process”.  During the attunements, there are various stages of energy amplification.  This is why Reiki is divided into 3 levels.  Because each level of Reiki increases a person’s vibratory rate, it is good to allow a sufficient period of time in order to adjust to the higher vibration and the sloughing off of the old patterns before progressing to the next level of Reiki.  The attunements affect each individual differently depending upon that person’s vibratory rate at the time of the attunements.  If you have already spent time on your inner wellness, personal growth, and expanding your awareness, the attunements will provide a quantum leap in your personal and spiritual growth.   However, the expansion of energy will be relative to the level you start from, therefore, you will never receive more than you can handle. 

Reiki goes beyond the level of gross physiology and conventional medicine.  It is able to access the power available at the quantum level of existence, which is much greater than that found at the grosser levels.  We are all energetic beings vibrating a level which manifests as physical density.  However, since our true essence is energy, then we continually have energy running through us.  Deepak Chopra has helped me to understand how Reiki truly works through his explanation of Quantum Healing. The difference between a person attuned to Reiki and one who is not can be very easily explained thus:  A laser and a flashlight both utilize light; however, the laser takes the same light, and by organizing it into a coherent quantum vibration, boosts its power enough to cut through steel.   Someone who is not attuned to Reiki is like the flashlight whose band of light is much more spread out, and a person attuned to Reiki is like the laser.  Another way of viewing this is that an un-attuned person is similar to an AM radio frequency.  Although the AM band transmits sound, there is more noise and distortion than with an FM frequency.  The FM frequency is narrower and more focused, so to speak, eliminating the extraneous noise.  Therefore, it could be said that the attunement process takes this AM frequency and transforms it, or refines it, into an FM frequency powerful enough to affect life at the quantum level.  

Note:  From my personal experience with Chi Kung and certain Taoist meditations, I have found that as I refine my own Chi (Ki), more energy is able to flow through my physical vortex, thus amplifying and enhancing the Reiki energy.  For this reason, I include a Chi Kung and meditation component in all of my Reiki workshops. 

Some people are drawn to learn Reiki to enhance or augment their self-wellness process.  Others are drawn to learn it as a further means to expanding their awareness and continuing their self-development.  This level consists of four attunements (energy activations) given over a 2-day period.  The four attunements given in Level One open up the physical body to a greater extent so that the person can channel greater quantities of Reiki energy. While the Level One attunements do have an effect on the etheric body, the greatest impact seems to be on the grosser physical body.   The attunement itself can transform physical dis-eases in the person receiving the attunement.  You might note marked changes, improvements in your physical health during the weeks and months following the attunements.  During this time, your body will be adjusting to the Reiki energy and you might experience periods of feeling spacey, have intense dreams, and/or experience detoxification symptoms.   This should not alarm you.  It is merely your body adjusting to the energy and increasing your capacity to channel the new energy.  As more Ki enters your body and energetic field, your physical and etheric bodies will start to be cleared of denser energetic patterns that no longer serve a purpose in your being.  The best remedy for this is to do Reiki on yourself everyday and try to do Reiki on others as often as possible, and this will help balance the energy and decrease the symptoms.

The Level One workshop covers the following:
• An introduction to basic Earth Relationship Chi Kung, the Microcosmic Orbit, and the Buddha Palms (Cosmic Chi Kung) meditations
• Four attunements (energy activations)
• Sensing the energy in your hands pre- and post attunement process.
• Hand positions for doing Reiki on yourself and on others
• Ample hands-on Reiki practice


The second level of Reiki is the next step in your personal and spiritual development.  When you decide to become a conduit for the Reiki energy, you are making a commitment to allow yourself to expand and grow beyond the limitations of mere physicality.  Once you open the door to the realm of Reiki and Universal Life Energy, there is no turning back.  Your journey has begun and you gladly welcome the opportunity to step through the door.  Having already worked for a time with the Reiki energy, you are now prepared to accept the next level of energy and to pass through another door into a greater understanding of the Universe and your part in it.

The Level Two attunements increase the amount of Source energy you are able to receive through your vortex.  Whereas the Level One attunements focused primarily on the physical body, the Level Two attunements focus on your emotional and mental bodies.  The primary focus of Reiki Level Two is distant or across time-space – working with someone who is not physically present.  In Level Two, you become consciously aware of 3 of the Reiki symbols (also sometimes referred to as keys), and are taught what they mean and how to use them in conducting a distant session.  These symbols are passed through the attunements in Level One, and, therefore, are already in your energy field.   The symbols can also be used in direct sessions to increase the energy and deepen the well-being of the person receiving Reiki.  As you do direct sessions, the symbols emerge unconsciously through your hands.

The Reiki symbols carry the frequency which makes Reiki work.  There has been much controversy about maintaining the sacredness and secrecy of the symbols.  In the past, students of Reiki Levels Two and Three were required to memorize the symbols during the workshop and were not allowed to take any drawings of the symbols with them once the workshop was finished.  Some Reiki Masters still adhere to maintaining this secrecy.  Although they provide drawings of the symbols for students to take with them in order to practice, they advise the students not to show the symbols to anyone who has not been attuned to Reiki Level Two.  However controversial the secrecy of the symbols might be, the fact is that they will not work unless the person using them is already attuned to the Reiki energy.  Many books on Reiki currently available also show the symbols so this system of secrecy is starting to die.  The symbols in and of themselves are beautiful works of art and should be accessible to anyone who appreciates their beauty.  Whether or not you are attuned to Reiki or even know what Reiki is, the higher meaning of the symbols will be transmitted on an unconscious level, and this can only be beneficial for everyone.

The Level Two workshop consists of the following:
• Review of basic Earth Relationship Chi Kung, the Microcosmic Orbit, and the Buddha Palms (Cosmic Chi Kung) meditations
• Two attunements (energy activations)
• Introduction to 3 of the Reiki symbols
• Explanation of their use in direct sessions
• Introduction to conducting a distant session and how to use the symbols with this
• Practice with distant sessions
• Hands-on direct sessions using the symbols

When you decide to proceed with Level Three, you are stating to the Universe that you are truly committed to furthering your own spiritual development as well as to being of service in helping others on their individual paths of development.  With this level, changes in the spiritual body happen.  Most of these changes do not manifest as physical detoxification symptoms since this level does not focus on the denser physical body.  Rather since it focuses on the higher, lighter spiritual body, the changes will manifest as a growing awareness of Source and self-realization, and a sense of oneness with the Universe.  You will experience a further increase in your ability to channel Source energy, and your abilities reach a higher level. I teach two separate forms of this level. The Reiki Level Three Master Teacher workshop includes the introduction of the final 2 Reiki symbols, more esoteric information on the symbols, and instructions for conducting attunements and workshops.  An apprenticeship program is also a major requirement for this level.  Reiki Level Three Master Teacher is recommended only for those who wish to teach Reiki and make Reiki a major part of their lives.

For those who desire only to acquire the energy of the final Reiki level, and do not intend to teach Reiki, I also offer Reiki Level Three, which includes everything from the Master Teacher Class except the teacher training component.

The Level Three Master Teacher workshop consists of the following:
• Review of basic Earth Relationship Chi Kung, the Microcosmic Orbit, and the Buddha Palms (Cosmic Chi Kung) meditations and how to teach these in workshops
• Three attunements (energy activations)
• Introduction of the final 2 symbols, their use and meanings
• Explanation of the attunement process
• Explanation of the “mini-attunement” which can be used in direct sessions and on plants and animals
• Practice on conducting attunements
• Explanation of how to facilitate workshops for Levels One, Two and Three
• Agreement to apprentice with the Reiki Master at a minimum of 2 Reiki workshops subsequent to this Level Three workshop